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Uninstalling AlertMe Pro

If you need to uninstall AlertMe, there is something you should do first.

To uninstall AlertMe Pro:
- Launch AlertMe Pro
- Click "Settings"
- Un-check the checkbox that says "Run With Windows".
- Click the "Save Changes" Button.
- Be patient while the software updates its settings. The settings window will automatically close itself when it is ready to go.
- Right click the temperature icon in the system tray and select "Exit".

- Go to Start
- > Settings
- > Control Panel
- > Add or Remove Programs
- Find "AlertMe Pro for Windows" in the list. Select it.
- Click Change/Remove
- Follow the prompts to uninstall the software.

[For a perfectly clean uninstall]
- Go to the application path directory (often c:\program files\alertme pro) and delete the 'AlertMe Pro' folder.

- If you need to reinstall, click here.

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