Let’s answer this once and for all – is there any trick to winning the online lottery?

Well, no. This is a game of chance that you cannot predict in any way possible. The outcomes are out of your control.

But that was a bit different for Richard Lustig. He has won the lottery 7 times. SEVEN TIMES!

He has also written the book “Learn How to Increase Your Chance of Winning the Lottery.” In this book, he teaches people how to be strategic in lotteries.

We’ve provided you with a quick guide on how to win the lottery, according to Lustig.


  1. Forget Luck

He believes you should be well-informed about whatever you choose to do. And this applies to all gambling games. You should be aware of the rules before betting everything based on luck.

Infact, if you wish Lustig good luck before a lottery drawing, he’d tell you he doesn’t need it!


  1. Don’t Buy Quick Picks

Quick picks are computer-generated lottery tickets that are automatically printed for you. You don’t get to choose the numbers on your tickets. Lustig says that it doesn’t matter how you chose your numbers, but once you have picked your set, research them, and stick to them. There is no magic number that would guarantee a win. Go with your gut feeling.


  1. Don’t Pick Your Birthday

Most lottery players choose their birthdays, anniversaries, and other meaningful dates as their ticket numbers. But by this, you are limiting yourself and your numbers. This reduces the chances of you winning. You are only choosing numbers from 1-31 while you have to pick from 1-69. You are only using less than half of your options. This multiplies your odds by the same amount.


  1. Stick to Your Numbers

As mentioned before, do not keep changing your numbers after you have selected a combination. Stick to these numbers every time you play. The same winning numbers can come again. So, every time you pick the same numbers, your chances of winning increase.


  1. Don’t Fall for Lottery Scams

You might get many calls asking to deposit a certain amount of money to win a billion dollars. That’s not true. It’s a scam. “You can’t win a lottery when you have not purchased a ticket in,” says Lustig. Also, remember never to send in your money before receiving your winnings.


  1. There’s No ‘Lottery Curse’

People believe that if you win the lottery, you are bound to go bankrupt a few years later. Lustig believes it all depends on the decisions you make. He hired a financial planner and lawyer to help him allocate his money properly. After you’ve paid off your debts, go out and live the life of a winner!


It’s Your Turn

Lustig isn’t someone too special. If he can win the lottery, so can you. Test your luck today at ufabet168. It’s a great place to play the online lottery today!